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Welcome to the internet portal of the IMPULS project!

The German abbreviation IMPULS means “Implementing the Practice Contacts of companies in School Lessons and School Life”
The project focuses on the promotion of career orientation and job mobility of young people in the border regions the Netherlands-Germany and Germany-Poland. Practical contacts in the own neighboring economic area support the decision-making of the pupils. They expand horizons of possibilities and potentials for professional development of the students not only in their own region, but also with regard to the European economic and working space.

With IMPULS we want to give an impulse to the truest sense of the word for the professional future and employability of young people and of cross-border networking of the main actors involved in the career orientation process.
The project has been is funded by the European Union and implemented in 2011-2014.
Project number: 518571-LLP-1-2011-1-DE-COMENIUS-CMP


1. Our approach

Promoting the career orientation through practice contacts in cross-border companies
The project IMPULS gives teachers, pupils, principals and business entities from Germany, Poland and the Netherlands an opportunity to cooperate in the European vocational orientation. Integrating cross-border practice contacts – as a methodical-didactic approach – in school lessons stands in the focus on all project activities.

We develop, test and evaluate a training concept for teachers, which creates the structural framework for the preparation, realization and reflection of cross-border practice contacts in context of professional orientation for pupils. Our project is supported by regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry (in Germany, the Netherlands and Poland), by schools and companies. We created a network-cooperation to promote the professional orientation for pupils in border regions, considering location advantage and reflection of vocational mobility of pupils in Europe.


2. Our products

Systematic concept and methodical-didactic teaching and learning materials

We develop:

    – An innovative concept for cross-border practice contacts
    – A framework for promoting career guidance in general education
    – Methodical-didactic teaching and learning materials
    – cross-border networks between schools and business entities
    – regional multiplier networks

3. The Netherlands-Germany-Poland

Three EU countries are developing and testing a systematic training concept for cross-border vocational orientation in own region

The general educational conditions and the regional economic area in which the respective schools are embedded have a not inconsiderable influence on the design of vocational orientation and the realization of practice contacts. In all three countries participating in the project, both factors are structurally different. Representatives from Poland, the Netherlands and Germany see a great need for optimization the systematic realization of vocational orientation, which focuses on the European labor market. Exchange of experience, specification of objectives and needs analysis of needs within the entire project consortium will be implemented into the vocational concepts in own regions.

The following project partners are significantly involved in the development of the concept:

    * Institute for Economic Education (Germany, coordinator)
    * SAXION, University of Applied Sciences in Enschede (the Netherlands)
    * Teacher Training Center Wojewódzki Ośrodek Metodyczny (Poland)

The concept is being tested by teachers from the Dutch, Polish and German schools in an 18-month pilot phase, evaluated internally and externally.

4. Our target groups

General education schools and regional business

The target groups of the IMPULS project include:

    • Pupils from schools of 9-13 grades (general and vocational education in Germany, the Netherlands and Poland
    • teachers
    • vocational guidance coordinator and career counselors, as well as educators in schools
    • Principals
    • Educational institutions
    • vocational institutions
    • Career centers
    • Regional enterprises


Would you like to know more about the project? Get in touch with us, we will inform you!

Institut für Ökonomische Bildung
Bismarckstr. 31
26122 Oldenburg

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