During the third meeting in Ennepetal (Germany, 15-16.04.2013), the German and Dutch students from the schools participating in the project presented the analysis of their economic areas. This was followed by the exchange of experiences. The teachers discussed which methodical-didactic materials were used for the analysis of the economic areas, the teaching realization and which other materials could support the analysis and the implementation of practice contacts in the schools. They developed the teaching scenarios for their economic lessons.

Later in the meeting, schools and companies from the region discussed stumbling blocks, obstacles and network building expectations between schools and local businesses. It has been proposed to develop a guide that will address companies and support the formation of networks.

After the company survey at the company DORMA GmbH + Co. KG in Ennepetal, the teachers dealt with how they methodically and didactically prepare their students for cross-border practice contacts.

The meeting was attended by: Michaelschule Papenburg, Berufskolleg Ennepetal (host), Stichting openbaar voortgezet onderwijz De Waerdenborch and lecturers from Saxion Hogeschool Enschede, ROC van Twente College voor Educatie Zuid and the Institute for Economic Education (project coordinator).


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Teacher training: Third meeting for German and Dutch Teachers in Ennepetal (Germany)