For the meeting in the German-Dutch border area, teachers discussed about student mobility: the content and organizational coordination in depth. The teachers provide the program and the methodical-didactic realization of the planned meeting as well as its implementation in the school faculty and the school-based job-oriented measures. For example, teachers used the teaching materials to prepare students in German and Dutch schools. The lecturers of the Saxion University presented how the intercultural competences of the students are being developed during the practice contacts in the neighboring country.

During the meeting, the external speakers from the german North-West region put the best practice in the school-economy cooperation. The Lecturers of ROC van Twente and Saxion present approaches on how to establish cross-border contacts in the Dutch-speaking concepts for professional guidance in their own location. The IÖB lecturers present training fairs, which take place regularly in Germany, and indicate how they can be specifically integrated into career orientation. This is particularly interesting for the Netherlands and Poland as they represent an additional facet of transnational practice contacts.

At the meeting the participants of German-Dutch team included: Michaelschule Papenburg (host), Berufskolleg Ennnepetal, Stichting openbaar voortgezet onderwijz De Waerdenborch as well as lecturers from Saxion Hogeschool Enschede, ROC van Twente College voor Educatie Zuid and the Institut für Ökonomische Bildung (project coordinator).


The teacher training: 4th meeting for the German-Dutch teachers in Papenburg (D): Focus on students mobilities