A joint exploration of the economic area, the educational opportunities and the examination of the diversity of professions in Brandenburg was the focus of the meeting of students from Angermünde and Lubusz Voivodeship. The meeting began with a visit to Educations Fair for Vocatium in Frankfurt (Oder), where German and Polish students explore their professional diversity. This will be followed by an exploration of study opportunities at the European University Viadrina and will get to know the career prospects of graduates of the University. The students reflected the explorations in Frankfurt together with teachers and lecturers in Angermünde, where the students introduced the Polish guests to the Ehm Welk Oberschule. They german students presented features of the economic area Uckermark and showed which industry sectors are particularly important for the region. The lecturers reflected with students on the importance of their own career orientation to know the potential of the region, including neighboring ones. Using the example of the vocational survey at the paper manufacturer Leipa in Schwedt, the students got to know the different professions represented there and conducted learn about theirs workplace investigations . In addition, they interviewed employees of the company about their daily work, the challenges, their educational paths as well as career development opportunities.

Students Mobility II. (Poland-Germany): Polish and German students inform themselves about educational and career opportunities in Brandenburg